HipoSmart Home Mate

Bring you simple & easy for your smart home control.

HipoSmart Home Mate

HipoSmart Home Mate is a new mobile app launched by HipoSmart in order to provide you a simple & easy smart home control with friendly user interface. Prior to using this app correctly, you should have HipoSmart gateway and devices. If you don’t have our products and still wish to try this app, please contact to your sales representivie for more information.

HipoSmart Home Mate


HipoSmart Home Mate is an app for HipoSmart Home. It’s a new app dedicated to our customers / end-users. We regularly update and release new features, the following are some function screen previews.

It’s free

HipoSmart Home Mate can be downloaded and installed from Apple Store & Google Play for free.

Download from store


Firstly, you will need a HipoSmart account. Please register and activate it, and please keep it safely.

Sign in your HipoSmart account

Add Devices

You can bind single or multiple gateways under your account. Include or exclude new smart home devices all by youself.

Add gateway and device


The dashboard gives you a quick access of your smart home devices. Here you can edit favorite items by personal preferences.



Scene is a combination of a few controls saved under an unique name in order to create a nice smart home experience.

Edit your scene

Device Control

HipoSmart supports varies smart home devices like switch, light & thermostat. You can monitor and control your smart home remotely.

Control device


HipoSmart Home Mate supports iOS & Android platform, you can download & install with these two options.

iOS – Apple Store

Please go to Apple Store to download the app if you’re using Apple iOS devices like iPhone or iPad.

Please click here to download

Or scan the QR Code…

Android – Google Play

Please go to Google Play to download the app if you’re using Android mobile phone or tablet.

Please click here to download

Or scan the QR Code…