Hipo Smart home automation system is uniquely designed to combine the benefits of the flexibility of a DIY system with a well-integrated total solution. Hipo smart’s partner can be a Telco, a real-estate developer, or a remodeling contractor; Hipo smart solution can be deployed with various cooperate models.


Latest Technology – Hipo smart developed our solution to operate with Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other voice assistant devices. Multilingual can be supported. Hipo smart solution allow hotel guests to ask for services directly from their rooms and the requests from each room can be displayed to various hotel systems or hotel staff communication tools.


Utilizing various IOT technologies, Hipo Smart developed and integrated a smart building solution to not only enable smart property building management but also allow better energy saving.

Hipo Smart 智慧家庭

Home Automation
Hipo Smart Home Solution uses the latest IOT technology to automate the controls of lighting, blinds/curtains, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), TV/AV system, etc. Our technology can integrate with any electrical system wither through Zigbee, Z-Wave, IR, RF, or Wi-Fi.

Smart Automation
With the use of various IOT sensors (temperature, humidity, luminance, infrared, water-leak, vibration, door/window, motion, etc), our platform is able to automate the control other IOT devices. Our solution is flexible for any home environment scenarios.

Hipo Smart 智慧飯店

Voice is Intuitive
Voice is the next generation technology of hospitality engagement. Hotel guests interactive in a simple and most natural way without the need to download any application or learn a interface. Guests of any age can easily interacts with the system.

Improve hotel guest experiences
Hipo Smart believe hotel guests should enjoy speedy and responsive services. No longer will guests need to wait in line or be on-hold to be served; or when guests prefers privacy and do not wish to speak to any hotel staff; virtual butler would be there to provide service.

Hipo Smart 智慧大樓

Connect Everything
Nearly everything electrical we can control. Our solution can be extended to control almost everything in a building to allow it to be connected with other IOT devices. Through our technology, we can than program every connected devices; including lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), elevators, gates, etc.

Energy Saving
Utilizing our IOT sensors and modules, we would be able to provide smart building monitoring and automation. With the control of various systems: blinds, lighting, security, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), electrical, gates, etc; our platform can automate control to achieve best balance of energy saving and comfort. Such as controlling the blinds system to automatically turn down 50% to block out 50% of the sun to allow good natural lighting while reduce energy consumption of air conditioning.

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